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the thing about self-harmers is that we desperately need love. we need love and we can't have it, and it's killing us faster than any other malady.
because love does not equal sex, and we can't really take care of it by ourselves.
because there's love and there's love, and the tiniest things do make the greatest differences. or don't. mostly don't.
and there is very little hope, because you can't put love in a pill and give a lifetime prescription to someone who has this fucked up love deficiency. seriously, this isn't even an illness. get up, go on with your life, shut your bloody mouth, noone cares.

2012-09-22 в 03:48 

the brainwash came free. love you, leave me.
бля, я хочу это записать везде, где только можно, потому что ВСЁ ТАК.

2012-09-22 в 12:28 

thousand-yard stare
ну, пиши или не пиши, ничего не изменится в этом прогнозе, к сожалению. а как все на самом деле есть, мы и так знаем.

2012-09-23 в 03:25 

the brainwash came free. love you, leave me.
I steal it then.

2012-09-23 в 03:26 

thousand-yard stare
help yourself)